Saturday, 31 January 2015

Things That Have Made Me Happy | January 2015 Highlights

Winter walks | MAC lipsticks (I know I'm obsessed, lol) | My new ring for my Birthday! | Our precious little Heidi | Benefit skincare is the best skincare! | More fashion finds | Blurry picture but this was us before Slipknot & Korn :) 

January has had it's highs and lows but I've had a great month and that is because I saw Slipknot and Korn on the 22nd of January! I've went on and on about this but it was obviously the best night of both of our lives. I still can't believe I saw my two favourite bands ever!

I'm still obsessed with MAC and I think I've got seven lipsticks in my collection but I know I'll get more soon as this obsession is growing stronger every time I go into MAC. I also love Benefit skincare. I've suffered with acne in the past so I always love it when I find skincare products that work of me.

Look at my birthday ring too! It's so stunning and I can't believe it's mine. January has also been a good month for fashion and I recently discovered Urban Outfitters so I have no money at all. Why is everything so expensive?!

Life: We suffer with depression and anxiety and it's been pretty bad recently :( I won't ramble about this as it is quite depressing but I hope things will get better soon. I'm turning 18 next Saturday so at least that's something to look forward to. I'm also thinking about getting a tattoo but I have no idea what to get!

Music: It's been a great month for music. I've been obsessed with Korn and Slipknot but I love listening to Marilyn Manson too. He is amazing, haha. My favourite song by Marilyn Manson is probably 'Tourniquet' Oh my God, I'm constantly singing it!

Watching: I don't watch much tv but I love watching Stalked. I can't believe it's not going to come back on until March but I can't wait for when The Following starts again! 

Reading: I just love reading amazing story books. I got the 'Angel' series for Christmas and I've been obsessed. I've finished all of the books now and I just feel lost not reading them!

How has your January been?
Love Rachel and Leah, x

Friday, 30 January 2015

Band T-shirts are the Best T-shirts!

Okay, so if you all read this blog regulary you will already know that me and Rach went to see Slipknot and Korn last Thursday night. My two favourite EVER bands on tour together. It was a dream come true and it was obviously the best night of my whole entire life! I'm still so sad it's over. Sad is an understatement! I am beyond devastasted. Me and Rachel are so shy and quiet but after that concert, we both nearly lost our voices because we were screaming so much haha!

We bought t-shirts at the concert because come on, you need too! Even if they are so expensive. I'd say they are worth it though because this top just reminds me of the concert. We also bought a Korn top too so we'll do a post on that soon hopefully. Even if you aren't a fan of Slipknot, you've got to admit that band t-shirts are just the coolest things ever.

I should of got a picture of the back of this top because it's got the logo on it and everything. I definately think Slipknot have the best band logo :)

Do you have a favourite band?

Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Beauty Scenario Tag!

 The Beauty Scenario Tag!
Thank you so much for tagging us Gabrielle from A Glass Of Ice :). We haven't done a tag in so long and this one looks intresting and it's all about makeup so how couldn't we join in?!

You have to get rid of all of your foundations and only keep one high end and one drugstore, which do you keep?
I don't own any high end fondations execpt Estee Lauder's Double Wear which I don't really like at all. I own so many drugstore foundations though! Right now I love using Rimmel's Stay Matte foundation and I can't see myself seperating from that foundation for a long time. 

You go for an interview and the lady interviewing you has lipstick on her teeth.  Do you approach the subject or ignore it completely?
This is a hard question! I'm a really shy person so I'd feel really embarrased if I had to tell someone they had lipstick on their teeth... I'd probably stay quite!

You're not feeling yourself and you need a pick-me-up lipstick, which do you go for?
MAC Diva lipstick! 

You go back in time for a day to your teenage years, how would you do your hair or makeup differently?
Oh my god, I'd give myself a complete makeover! I plucked my eyebrows way too much so I barely had any eyebrows at all. I even used to cut my own hair... I cringe so bad looking back at old pictures. If I could go back I'd learn how to pluck my eyebrows properly and treat myself to more beauty products :)

You ask your hairdresser for for a shoulder length Pixie Lott hair cut but they hear wrong and give you a pixie cut, what do you do?
A) Smile, say thank you, call your mum and cry hysterically
B) Cry in the chair and things get awkward
C) Complain to the manager and demand a refund
A even though I'd be like B inside. I'm quite the drama queen when it comes to my hair, haha! 

Your friend surprises you with a 4 day city break and you have one hour to pack, which 'Do It All' palette do you pack in your makeup bag?
I love so many makeup palettes at the moment and my favourite is the Makeup Revolution palette flawless (it's the one pictured above!)
Your house has been robbed, don't worry everyone is safe, but your beauty stash has been raided.  What's the product you really hope is safe?
I'd really hope all of my MAC lipsticks were safe. 
Your friend borrows makeup and returns it in an awful condition.  Do you:
A) Pretend you haven't noticed
B) Ask them to re-purchase it
C) Secretly do it back to their makeup
Well they woudn't really be a good friend if the didn't take much care of your things but I'd probably pretend I hadn't noticed :) 
Thank you for reading and we nominate everybody that wants to join in! x

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Wait & Braid | Double Dutch Braids Into A Ponytail

This is the first time I've worn this hairstyle and I really love it. I usually wear my hair in a side parting but for this style it's parted in the middle. What I like about this style is that you can really make it bouffant if you wanted to glam it up a little. I love this style and it's motivated me to get back into experimenting with more hairstyles again.

I'm getting my hair dyed next week in preparation for my 18th birthday! I'm so excited and I really hope my hair starts looking more blonde! Looking at these pictures has made me realise how long my roots are! I'm still on a misson for long hair - long hair, don't care!

Do you like the double dutch braids into a ponytail?
Love Rachel, x

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Real Techniques | Miracle Complexion Sponge Review

Real Techniques is a brand that I'm sure everyone has heard of. I bought the core collection last year and to be honest, I wasn't blown away. I just don't know why but I hate putting foundation on with a brush. My face is always left with lines of foundation all over it and looking really streaky - not a good look! I decided to give Real Techniques another try and bought the Miracle Complexion Sponge at £5.99, which is a good price for a Real Techniques product!

I've never used a sponge to apply my foundation before so I was quite excited to try it out! I applied my usual foundation which is Rimmel's Match Perfection. The sponge is super soft and it blends the foundation into my skin so easily and I'm not left with that dreaded streaky look. My skin looks softer and smoother. I almost felt like I was using a different foundation because the results are so much better than they would be if I was using my fingers. I also love apply my powder and concealer with the sponge too! I know I'm going to keep on using this.

I honestly didn't know what I'd expect with using a foundation sponge as I didn't like the core collection from Real Techniques but the Miracle Complexion sponge has well and truely won me over! At £5.99, I'd urge you to just buy this sponge and leave the core collection unless you're a makeup brush lover! Plus, brushes are so expensive and I personally find them so awful to use. This is excellent value and the results are amazing.

My only problem is that I'll have to wash the sponge a lot and as a newbie to makeup brushes/sponges, I need tips on how to wash them :) How do you all wash your makeup brushes? Tell me in the comments below. What do you all think of Real Techniques? x


Friday, 23 January 2015

Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week

MAC Cyber Lipstick | The best boots that have ever existed | Benefit's easiest nudes ever kit | Slipknot ticket! | Slipknot selfies haha :)

We started off the week with buying a Benefit eyeshadow kit which we love. The kit is perfect for a neutral eyeshadow lovers and you can see our review on it here. We've also continued our obsession with boots by buying these beauties in the River Island sale. They're honestly the best boots I've ever seen and they've even got fur inside them!

I've had my eye on Cyber lipstick from MAC for ages now and I finally got it! It's a really dark purple lipstick and we both wore it to the Slipknot concert on Thursday.
Thursday was honestly the best night of our lives. We saw two of our favourite bands; Slipknot AND Korn. Korn were SO amazing and I still can't believe I saw them. It all feels like a dream :') By the time Slipknot came on my voice was already going with all the screaming to Korn, haha! Slipknot were amazing and we're definitely going to see them next time they come. Time just went so fast and we left the arena in a daze. Now I'm just sitting here and wondering if it ever happened at all. I just had the best time of my life. Slipknot and Korn are magical.

How has your week been? :)
Love Rachel and Leah, x


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Benefit World Famous Neutrals Easiest Nudes Ever... Eyeshadow Kit | Review & Swatches

We've recently became obsessed with Benefit after trying out their skin care range. So next up for us to try was some Benefit makeup and what could be better than an eyeshadow kit? Just look at the packaging! I've never seen an eyeshadow kit that looked so beautiful as this one does. I love wearing nuetural colours on my eyes so this kit was perfect for me.

In the kit are four long wear powder shadows including two highlighting shades called 'call my buff' and 'pinky swear'. The other two powder shadows are 'thanks a latte' and 'quick, look busy' which are matte brown shades. The kit also includes two creaseless cream shadows in 'rsvp' and 'no pressure!' 'No pressure!' is definitely my favourite eyeshadow of the bunch and I can see myself reaching for this everyday.

The cream eyeshadows glide onto the lid effortlessly and I think they blend so well. At first, I did think the formula felt a little greasy but that wouldn't stop me from buying more cream eyeshadows from Benefit. I haven't tried out many cream eyeshadows before but I'm so suprised at how amazing the staying power is. The cream shadows are so pigmented too and they don't crease at all during the day.

The longwearing eyeshadows are also great but they do take a lot of time to build up as they could be more pigmented, especially the lighter colours like 'rsvp'. That being said, the longwearing shadows last all day long and look beautiful when they're applied.

The kit even has 'how to' cards and this one I'm wearing is the day time look. 'R.s.v.p' makes the perfect base for a natural illuminating shadow and I love how 'thanks a latte' defines my eye. This look is so simple yet it looks like I've made effort with my eye makeup. The day time look is just a gorgeous understated eye makeup look that I know I'll wear a lot!

This is one of my favourite eye makeup looks ever! I love wearing brown toned eyeshadow and this looks perfect. I can't believe how amazing the cream eyeshadow blended onto my eyelid. Although the longwearing eyeshadow took a while to build up, I love how pigmented it looked when I finished applying it. This kit isn't called the easiest nudes for nothing, applying this makeup look was so easy and barely took any time at all!

I am so happy with this kit. This was my first ever Benefit eye makeup kit and I can see myself buying many more eye products in the future. At £23.50, I think this is a great kit for any Benefit makeup newbie like us. The creaseless cream eyeshadows are definitely my favourites in the kit as they are pigmented and long lasting. I do wish the longwearing eyeshadows were more pigmented but they look great if you build them up. The packaging is so girly and will look stunning your makeup stash. The 'how to' cards are amazing and I didn't even expect the kit to come with makeup guides. This is a kit that I think every nuetral eyeshadow lover should try!

Have you ever tried a Benefit eyeshadow kit? What do you think of Benefit eye makeup products?
Love Rachel & Leah, x

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Lace Up Boots, Favourite Jumper & Velvet Skirt

What I'm Wearing: JUMPER, Forever 21 | SKIRT, Boohoo | BOOTS, River Island | NECKLACE, ASOS

I'm literally obsessed with boots. I've been wearing these black patent chunky lace up boots from River Island none stop since I got them for Christmas. They go with every single outfit and I get a grungy kind of vibe with them. The burgundy jumper is the lastest jumper I've added to my collection. I love the black frilly detail at the bottom and the colour is just gorgeous. I nearly always wear black so it's always great to add colour into my life. I think an outfit is never complete without accessories and I think this black cross necklace was made for this outfit! x

Monday, 19 January 2015

YSL Black Opium

Here is our review on YSL's latest perfume offering, Black Opium! Our older sister got us this perfume while she went on holiday last week and when she asked us both if we wanted any perfume from the airport, we immediately thought of Black Opium! This perfume was actually on my birthday wishlist but I couldn't resist getting it earlier! It's honestly one of my favourite perfumes already.

We've both been YSL perfume fans (Parisienne being our favourite!) and Black Opium does not disappoint! First off, the packing is gorgeous. The bottle is decorated with black glitter and sparkles, giving it a glam rock look. The fragrance has notes of coffee! Have you ever had a perfume with coffee in it before? Because I haven't! It doesn't smell like coffee at all though, haha! It's lovely and sweet and really feminine. I'm sure alot of people would find this perfume a little too sweet but it settles down after a few hours of wear. It also contains notes of vanilla and white florals. You should definately give this perfume a sniff - it's absolutely beautiful. Each day I wear it I fall in love with it even more.

Have you tried Black Opium? If so, do you love it too?

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week

YSL Black Opium perfume | Wearing Urban Decay ammo palette (yes, eyeshadows make me happy!) | Me & Leah taking pictures haha | Leah's Birthday shoes from Topshop | More nail art | Heidi cuddles | My ASOS shoes for my birthday!

Hey, everyone! We hope you all had a great week :) This week started with our older sister coming home from holiday. She gave me and Leah YSL's Black Opium perfume as a present and I can honestly say this is one of my favourite perfumes ever! We've got a review coming up later this week on it.

We've been shopping for our new birthday shoes and the minute we saw Leah's shoes in Topshop, she knew she had to have them and can you blame her?! They're gorgeous! My shoes are from ASOS and I think they're going to be great to wear during the summer.

We're both so excited for next Thursday (22nd January) because we're seeing Slipknot and Korn in concert. They're two of our all time favourite bands ever so if we don't blog from Friday onwards it means we've died from fangirling too hard, haha! 

So this week has included many cuddles from Heidi, new shoes, more nail art and me and Leah messing around taking pictures :) How has your week been?
Love Rachel & Leah, x

Friday, 16 January 2015

I Need Space

What I'm Wearing: T-SHIRT, Topshop | Shorts, River Island | SHOES, River Island

I love this top. The minute I saw it last week in Topshop, I knew it needed to be mine! It's so cute. I don't have many tops with writting of them so this is a change for me. The 'I need space' with the planet behind is just adorable and pretty much my style too! I need anything with stars, moons or planets on it - it's an obsession of mine!  Topshop is great at the moment for tops I think so I'll be searching for more in the coming weeks too. A girl can never have too many clothes, right? Especially tops. I always wear a long black sleeved top underneath so it's suitable for the January weather.

The creepers (or flatforms) and velvet, lace shorts are from River Island. I got them in the sale and I'm pretty much in love with them! Especially the shoes. That's my inner goth coming out.

The lipstick is my current favourite which is MAC 'Media'. Oh my God, It's so gorgeous and dark but really wearable at the same time! See, I am a little bit goth on the inside ;)

I hope everyone has a nice weekend! 
Leah, x

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Wish list | Benefit

The Porefessional | Rockateur | High Brow | Longwear Powder Eyeshadow | Total Moisture Facial Cream | Hello Flawless Powder | They're Real! Mascara | Boi-ing Concealer | Hoola Bronzer | Benetint

It seems we've both gone make up mad already this year! Once a makeup junkie, always a makeup junkie. I love buying clothes and shoes but is there anything better than getting a new piece of makeup? I don't think so!

Benefit is a brand I've always be intrested in. The amazing packaging, the names, the products. It's just a brand that is perfectly girly and such a treat to invest in. Okay, so it might be really expensive but I think treating yourself to nice skincare and make up really pays off and you can definately tell the difference. This is our wishlist. It's our 18th birthday on the 7th Feb so I'll be hoping to see some of these in my presents! Doesn't make up you can't affort make the best presents? :) We've both been loving the skincare range recently! We bought the mini set from ASOS to try it out and it's sooo good. It's made a real difference to our skin! Obviously, the make up is just beautiful too but I haven't bought much Benefit makeup. I really want to try out the Porefessional primer and Rockateur blush! I tried a tester of the primer and it's simply amazing!

Have you tried any Benefit products?

Monday, 12 January 2015

Mini MAC Haul | Swatches & Review

A new year always calls for new makeup, right?! MAC is a lipstick lovers heaven and we treated ourselves to four new MAC lipsticks and the shades we bought are 'Dubonnet, Spice it up!, Spirit and Diva'.

I haven't actually heard of this MAC lipstick before - is it popular? Because if not, it definately should be! Debonnet in my eyes is the most perfect red. It's a much darker red than say Mac's Ruby Woo. This lipstick is what I'd describe as a deep blood red with a slight brick/brown tinge to it - Oh my God, it's perfect. The finish is amplified - the first amplified lipstick I've ever owned and it's fair to say I absolutely love it. It hasn't got the staying power of a matte but it still stays on for a long time.  I'd definately get this one again!

Spice it Up! is the type of lipstick that really compliments my skin colour. The lipstick is a deep red in the bullet but applies to the lips in a sheer darkish red which I personally love. It's super glossy. I love the formula which is a Lustre - again, I've never owned a Lustre lipstick before but it's gorgeous and understated. Obviously, with this lipstick being more glossy it doesn't tend to last as long. It eventually fades to a redish pink stain that still looks lovely. MAC describe this shade as mulled brown berry.

I've been loving all the reds and dark lipsticks recently but you can't really fault MAC when it comes to nude shades! I orginally wanted 'Verve' but it wasn't in stock so I picked out the beautiful 'Spirit'! It's described as a muted pinky-beige brown and it really is stunning. It suits all make up looks - especially dark eyes! The finish is Satin and lasts for absolutely hours without the need to reapply which is quite uncommon for nude lipsticks isn't it? The colour is also really easy to build up too so it looks more brown than a dark pink. I'm sure this lipstick is going to be a favourite.

Diva, is there anything more to say about this lipstick? It's absolutely incredible! I can see why this is such a popular colour. The shade is described as an intense reddish-burgundy and I couldn't of described it better myself. It's matte so it stays of for hours. It's such a vampy colour. Honestly, this is like one of my dream lipsticks and I can't praise it enough. I think it will suit many skin tones and it's just the most eye catching lippy I own. It most definately the most beautiful 'winter' lipstick but I'm going to be wearing Diva all year round!

So, there are our MAC mini haul. It might of been expensive but nothing beats these lipsticks. They are really comfortable to wear and I actaully find myself really excited to put on my lipstick each day! Sad? I don't think so! We are quite the lipstick junkies.

Will you be adding these to your wishlists?
Leah and Rachel, x


Saturday, 10 January 2015

Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week

Rachel wearing MAC 'Diva' lipstick | Our four new MAC lipsticks! | Amazing tees in Topshop | Benefit mini skincare kit | Birthday necklace | Urban Outfitter's tie dye dress | Best friends Heidi & Megan | Leah wearing MAC 'Dubonnet' lipstick | Finally finished my Audrey Hepburn drawing!

As complete lipstick junkies, we went along to MAC on Sunday and bought four new lipsticks. The shades we bought were 'Diva, Spirit, Dubonnet and Spice it up!' We're gonna write a review on them all that should be up on the blog on Moday :)

Topshop have amazing tees in at the moment like this Megadeth one! Our birthday is coming up in February and my birthday necklace arrived and I can't believe how stunning it is. It's from Swarovski and it was luckily in the sale. This dress from Urban Outfitters was also in the sale and you can see it in our ootd post here. We're also testing out the Benefit skincare for the first time with this mini kit from ASOS. I'm so suprised at how amazing it as and it's definitely on my birthday wish list!

I'm also really happy because I finally finished my drawing of Audrey Hepburn's eyes! I'm still a newbie to art after not drawing for years but I'm really happy with how it turned out at the end! I also included a pic of Heidi & Megan. Megan is our older sister's dog and she's 11 years old. Meg is best friends with our dog Heidi and she's so happy to be staying over at our house for a week while her mum is on holiday!

We hope you all enjoyed this post as we're wanting to do more lifestyle posts on the blog! I hope you all had a great week and have a great weekend! 
Love Rachel & Leah, x

Friday, 9 January 2015

TIE DYE | Velvet Dress.

What I'm Wearing: DRESS, Urban Outfitters |  SHOES, Topshop

The weather might be horrible and wet but absolutely nothing was going to stop me trying to get photographs of me wearing this dress from Urban Outfitters. It's like a storm outside with the wind and rain so that's why I look a mess in these photos but look at that dress! I'm in love with it. Urban Outfitters is a shop I've only just discovered in the past few weeks and I've already blown so much of my money in there. It's pretty expensive but I was very fortunate to have found this dress in the sale!

I love how unusal this dress is. I love the different gray, sliver and white colours in the tie dye. Of course it's in my favourite material too - velvet. My shoes are also velvet and from Topshop. I decided to opt for a different colour rather than the usual blak shoe I go for. They are like a purple colour but understated too. In the photo they look really purple but I promise they don't look that bright in real life!

Have you shopped in Urban Outfitters?
Leah, x
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