Wednesday, 29 July 2015

What's in my bag?

I bought this bag last week online in the sale from New Look after spotting it in the shop. The minute I saw it, I fell in love with it! It's so cute and I've always wanted a little backpack like this! I think this goes with almost all of my outfits too! The fact that this one is silver metallic is just so dreamy! Weird fact: I like to give my bags names and I've named this backpack spaceboy after one of my favourite Smashing Pumpkins songs ;)

So what exactly is in my bag? Let's find out...
I make sure that I always take my phone and my purse in my bag as they're essentials.This is one of my all time favourite purses and I got it a few years ago from River Island.
Next up, I have my Kindle and my Marilyn Monroe compact. I only bought the kindle last week as I'm such a book worm now! I can't believe I used to live life without a Kindle.
I always make sure I carry my lipsticks with me as I cannot live without lipstick. I always have a MAC lipstick with me. I don't usually wear lipgloss but I just bought this one today. Rimmel's lasting concealer is always in my bag. It's my favourite ever concealer and I recommend it to everyone!
The lastest addition to my bag is this Narciso Rodriquez perfume. This is my all time favourite perfume ever! I'm no good at describing perfumes so go give it a sniff! It stays on for hours and it just smells so beautiful!

What do you all have in your bags this summer? 
x x x

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Saturday at the Beach

Today we took a trip to Ainsdale Beach. I love going the beach and Ainsdale is an amazing place to go to and relax. Even though the weather was so windy, I still had a really nice time! I was so cold though that I was wearing two jackets and I was still freezing - some summer this is! Hopefully it will be sunnier when we're on the beach in Devon in a few weeks for our holiday!

 I actually wanted to get some pictures of mine and Leah's outfits and our new hair! But obvioulsy our hair was just blowing everywhere. My hair is purple pink but it's kind of washing out right now. Leah has the ends of her hair dyed blue and I just think it looks amazing.

This was my Marilyn Manson t-shirt's second outting. You can't really see it on the pictures but I'll definitely do a ootd post on it soon. I love Marilyn Manson and me and Leah are actually going to see him in concert in November. I'm so excited and I'm already planning my outfit, ha!

Love Rachel, x

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Visiting London & Seeing Korn!

The most exciting thing ever happened last Thursday! Me and Rachel went to see Korn in London. Not only had we never been to London before but our favourite band were playing the whole of their dubut album in it's entirety to celebrate the 20th anniversary! No words can describe how excited we were to see Korn but also, it turned into a mini adventure of London too!

We arrived in London on Thursday 16th July, the day of the concert. I was so surprised at how busy London is, I don't think I could live there. Plus, it was SO hot in London. We live in Liverpool but down south seems to have a completely different weather system! Enough about the weather now because then we went to the concert. It was at the o2 Brixton Academy, quite a small venue and the queue to get inside was outside the door and around the building! Everyone there (well, most people) had piercings, dreadlocks, long hair, band t-shirts and crazy coloured hair. KORN WAS AMAZING. Best show I've ever been to and me and Rachel were literally screaming out asses off, haha! We're the ultimate fangirls and with Korn being our favourite band - it was too much to handle!

The next day we went to see the crown jewels and went on a little boat trip around London. It was such a lovely trip and needless to say, going to London has definately made me want to travel more. Traveling isn't too bad when you've got coffee to help you through it!

Have you ever been to London?
Leah & Rachel, x

Thursday, 9 July 2015

MAC Cyber Lipstick

Guess how long I've been meaning to write this post? I've had this in my blogging draft since January! Wow, already seeems like a life time ago.

It might be Summer now but I'm still wearing my deathly dark lipstick colours - somethings never change. Cyber has got to be one of my favourite lipsticks from MAC. I do admit that I don't wear this shade as much as I would like to but it will always going to be a staple in my collection! Cyber is a very dark shade of purple. It almost looks black in some lights! Still, it's a gorgeous shade of purple. But I absolutely love it. I just love vampy colours so If you do too, Cyber should be in your lipstick stash! Most people would enjoy wearing this type of lipstick colour on Halloween but I think every day should be a dark lipstick day, haha.

Cyber is in a satin finish, my absolutely favourite finish from MAC. What's your favourite lipstick?
Leah, x

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Suede Lace Up Shorts


Hello everyone! Both me and Leah have missed doing our blog so much. After a short break, we are both so happy to be posting again. Honestly, our lives felt empty without blogging! I thought I'd do a quick outfit post (in our blogging break, an excessive amount of clothes have been purchased). This outfit has got to be one of the coolest outfits I've ever worn. Look at those shorts! I think they were made for me, I love them so much! The detail on them is dreamy.

I absolutely love New Look at the moment. This top I'm wearing is just a classic black bardot top! It instantly makes me feel like I've got a good, fashionable outfit on if I'm wearing this top.

Here is to many more posts, I'm so happy to be back!
Love Rachel, x
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