Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween! | Last Minute Manicure!

Happy Halloween everyone! It's finally here! This is our last minute Halloween themed manicure. If you've been reading our blog you'll know that we recently discovered nail art. We've both been obsessed with creating different looks as it's so fun and easy to do! If you want more inspiration for Halloween themed nails you can check out our Zombie nails here.

It's been so fun posting a series of Halloween posts and I'm so sad it's all over. I can't wait for the Christmas posts to start now! We hope you all have a great Halloween! 

Love Rachel and Leah. x

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Halloween | Carving the Pumpkins

It's nearly Halloween so Me and Leah finally decided to carve our pumpkins! I always have good memories of carving out the pumpkin and this was no different. I love the whole process. There are so many ideas on Google to choose from! I'd really love to attempt one of the really artisit ones like the witches and other different ideas. However, this year we stuck to a traditional spooky face but I think they look quite cute!

Who knew carving pumpkins was so exhausting though? At least at the end of it we have a cute little pumpkins lighting up the whole room.

Do you carve a pumpkin at Halloween?
Leah and Rachel, x x x

Monday, 27 October 2014

Reasons Why October Has Been Our Favourite Month.

Seeing pumpkins in the shops, Halloween costumes, and us putting makeup all over our faces in the spirit of Halloween. It must be October! We love October and if you've been reading our blog recently, you'll already know how much we love Autumn! October is always a different month with the excitement of Halloween - we love it, the darker night and colder days and the mark of the end the year. I'd go as far as to say that October has been our favourite month of the year so far! Here are some of our reasons why... I'm sad this month is coming to an end!

1. Look what our Dad got us from Sayers on Saturday. How cute is this little Halloween inspired cupcake? I really loved it too. Thanks Dad! It's not every day you see a spider cupcake, is it?

2. We've also really enjoyed going on walks with our little doggy, Heidi. Needless to say, she's really enjoyed her Autumn walks too! and your never too old to love stepping on those crunchy red and orange leaves!

3. The fashion in the shops in the best it's been all year. That in itself has made this my favourite month! I love getting new clothes, I have a slight problem! But it's hard to resist getting new cosy jumpers and the latest A/W fashion trends. H&M is currently our favourite shop.

4. Okay, not everyone will get excited about this but Slipknot's new album came out last week and we are MASSIVE fans. Let's not get into that shall we because I'll start fangirling :)

5. We're seeing Slipknot in January! We ordered our tickets two weeks ago and now Christmas has taken a back seat. We're more excited for January now!

6. We've been loving the colder nights too. It makes 'pamper' night even better.

7. This month we both started drawing and getting back into art again. I'm not sure why we stopped but we are both really enjoying it again!

8. I'm really going to miss posting all out lastest Halloween looks on the blog! I've really loved doing them. The nail art is so cute but I also loved experimenting with different Halloween makeup looks.
I hope everyone has a great Halloween!
Leah and Rachel, x x x

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Halloween | Pop Art Makeup

 Products I used:
Face: L'Oreal Infaillible foundation | White face paint
Eyes: Bourjois Volume Glamour mascara | Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl in Superblack | Bourjois
Eyebrows: Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl in Superblack
Lips: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick in Personne ne Rouge | Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl in Superblack | White face paint
I've been a massive fan of Pop Art for years now and I've seen lots of people doing this look for Halloween and I decided to give it a go! Rachel done my makeup and I really didn't think we'd be able to do it but I'm so happy with how it turned out!

My Pop Art look is Roy Lichtenstein inspired. The makeup is all about the dramatic eyebrows with the heavy eyeliner. The eyes are my favourite thing about this look. I just love the cat flicks and how 60s inspired they are! The pop of red lipstick finishes the look off perfectly. I love how this turned out and it's probably my favourite makeup look for Halloween so far. I hope you all enjoyed this post!

Do you think you'd try this look out for Halloween?
Love Rachel and Leah. x

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Hat's On!

I don't know if it's just me but I love a good hat for the colder weather. I always feel the benefit of having a hat on - my head always feels toasty even if the rest of me is freezing! So, I thought I'd do a quick post on my latest hat collection for the coming months. I must say that my hats this year are the best yet!
All of these gorgeous hats were purchased in the amazing River Island sale expect the crystal embellished white hat which was from Primark. If you didn't already know, River Island do the best sales. The black hat with the gold buckle on was cut down from £12 to just £4! The pink and white leopard berets were £4 too. I don't know which one is my favourite but I know I'll be wearing them all winter through. I must admit that I love the black hat. It's so different and not something I'd usually go for but it makes me feel a lot cooler than I am when I wear it! The berets are hats I typically go for and I've worn black berets for years. Who can resist the french chic feel of a beret? The patterens on these are too cute. I love the dusty pink and of course the leopard! The Primark hat was such a bargain! I'll definately feel very stylish in this one. The crystal embellishment is beautiful!

Which hat is your favourite?
Leah, xxx

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Halloween | Zombie Inspired Nails

I said I was going to do a Halloween series and next up is my Zombie inspired nails! This is the first time I have ever done something different with my nail polish and I never knew it could be so easy. If I knew nail art was this easy, I would've been drawing little pictures on my nails for ages! I think this nail look is so creative and adds a little twist to any Halloween look. They're great if you don't want to dress up but still want to get into the Halloween spirit. If you want to try out the Zombie nails you can paint your nails any colours but I chose these colours as they're so vibrant and not what I'd wear on my nails usually. The essential product you need is a nail pen and I got mine from Barry M. The pens are so easy to use and I can see myself buying more colours from the range so I can go crazy with creating different looks! I'm so excited to try more looks out for Halloween and right now I really want to create little pumpkins for my nails!

Have you tried out nail art yet? What will you be creating on your nails this Halloween?
 Love Rachel. x

P.s: We recently started up a Youtube channel! On our channel we put up guitar covers of our favourite songs. I've been playing guitar for years now and creating a youtube is something we've always wanted to do. We'd be so happy if you check it out! You can see our channel here. Thanks everyone!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Autumn Tag!

This is the first tag that we've ever done on our blog thanks to the lovely Louise from As Seen On Louise. Her blog is absolutely amazing (you should definately check it out)! so it was a real treat when I found out that she had nominated us for The Autumn Tag! Autumn happens to be both of our favourite time of year so let's get started!

1. Coffee - What's your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks or any other coffee shop?
Here is a confession that might shock people - I've never been to any fancy coffee shop like Starbucks or Costa so I've never had a seasonal coffee or any other seasonal drink! I know everyone seems to have been to Costa but I never have. I don't think I'd like the pumpkin spice lattes that everyone seems to like. You can't go wrong with a good old hot chocolate or cup of tea in the colder weather though, can you?

2. Accessories - What do you opt for, scarf, boots or gloves?
We are both obsessed with boots and chunky shoes. I've recently saw the most perfect pair of boots in River Island that I now need in my life. I hate it when I fall in love with something that I can't buy. The boots are £65! But I love scarf and gloves too. I love evrything about fashion in the colder months.

3. Music - What's your favourite music to listen to during Autumn?
I don't change my music taste, we are rock/metal gals for all year round. We are currently looking forward to seeing Slipknot and Korn in January! Oh my God, I'm so excited I can barely think about it without geting too excited!

4. Perfume - What's your favourite scent for this time of year?
Most of out perfumes smell quite suitable for Autumn/Winter as we're not big fans of the summer, fruity scents. I love wearing Versace perfumes as they are so rich and warm smelling.

5. Candles - What scents will you be burning this season? 
I don't really buy candles but I recently smelt the Yankee Christmas Cookie and I'd love to have it! So expensive though.

6. What do you love best about Autumn?
Everything! Fashion, HALLOWEEN, bonfire night, Christmas coming, the makeup, the leaves on the ground, the darker nights and keeping warm all day long.

7. Favourite make up look?
I always used to favour a bold berry lip but as I'm learning to do my makeup properly I've got obsessed with a dark, smokey eye shadow look that is blended really well with shimmery shades!

8. What are you looking forward to the most in the Autumn?
Counting down the days until Christmas and buying too many clothes in the meantime :)

There you go! and seeing as we are still quite new bloggers, we nominate everyone reading this to fill in their answers to the Autumn tag!

Leah and Rachel.
x x x

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Halloween | Kitty Cat Makeup

This post marks the beginning of our Halloween series! Me and Rachel were getting in the early Halloween spirit by playing around with our makeup. Rachel done my makeup as a cat and she done her makeup as a leopard and it just love how it turned out!
I just want to mention that both of these looks are inspired by Abby who runs the blog, Twist Me Pretty. You should check out her blog and youtube channel, it's amazing! Anyway, let's get to it and lets focus on the Kitty Cat makeup look which I was wearing!

I've always dressed up for Halloween and this year will be no different! For me, October has the vibe of Halloween for the whole of the month and I couldn't wait to finally try out a makeup look. This look was quite easy to achive as I found that it was just unusual twist on my normal makeup look. I prepared my skin with my normal foundation and powder. I then contoured my skin which I haven't really done before but now I'm obsessed! I then added a pink blush to my cheeks. The best thing about this look is the eyes! I obviously created a cat eye for this look. I made my flicks extra long and thick. I also added a sparkly eyeliner on top to give the look more glamour.
Products I used:
Face: Maybelline Superstay foundation | Rimmel Clear Complexion powder | Seventeen Highlighter | Dior Skin Healthy Glow blusher | Bourjois Paris Maxi Delight Bronzer
Eyes: Urban Decay in Sin | Bourjois in Upside Brown quad eyeshadows | Seventeen High Drama eyeliner | Too Faced Kohl eyeliner | Collection glitter eyeliner | Bourjois Volume Glamour mascara
Eyebrows: Too Faced brow evny kit
Lips: Barry M black lipstick

It isn't the scariest for Halloween but it's the perfect twist on your makeup look. You simply can't go wrong with a simply kitty cat makeup. As I said, this is only the first post in our Halloween series. Look out for more Halloween themed posts in the next two weeks.  

Have you ever been a kitten for Halloween? Do you think you'll try this look out? 
 Love Leah. x

Thursday, 16 October 2014


What I'm Wearing: TOP,  H&M | SHOES, Primark | SKIRT, Primark.

I thought I'd do a quick little outfit post today as the sun was out shining which is so unusual as it's been raining so much lately! I actually think I'm coming down with something which is not fun but atleast I had this cute little outfit on to cheer me up! How could I resist this sweet little top from H&M? H&M is such a great shop for little pieces like this top and I'm obsessed. I decided to add a black top underneath as the weather is getting colder and I actually think it matches perfectly! The gorgeous fluffy skirt is my new obsession and I don't think I'll ever take it off. I adore it so much as I think it has a 'clueless' vibe to it! I'm also wearing my new Topshop rings. Who knew Topshop were so good for accessories? I just love how much accessories add to an outfit! The necklace is from Asos and I haven't had it off since I bought it in June.

Hope everyone has had a good week so far!
Love Leah. x

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Wait and Braid | Double French Braids

This hairstyle was inspired by an amazing braiding/hairstyle blog called, Hair Romance! It's based on an Games of Thrones hair style. I haven't watched this but from what I can see the show has some amazing hairstyles in it! (hair envy)! I love this style as it is perfect for getting your hair off your face along with you hair looking creative and beautiful. The style is really simple as this braid is called the French braid which is so easy to do once you've got the hang of it. I recently learnt how to braid and French was the first braid I learnt! All you've got to do is braid each section of hair OVER the middle while adding sections of hair to the outer strands. I've already done so many styles with this braid. That's another reason why I love French braids, they're just so versatile!

I'm still obsessed with exploring new hairstyles but think this double braid is my favourite... so far! There are so many hairstyles out there that I still want to try. Keep watching for more posts coming soon!

What do you think of this style? 
Lots of love, Rachel x

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Our Makeup Favourites | Products We Use Everyday.

Hey everyone, welcome to the makeup favourites! This is a short post on what products I've recently been loving! If you love perfect brows, the perfect autumnal eyes, a pop of colour to your cheeks, fluttering eyelashes, nude lips and the perfect catflick, this look might be for you too!

Too Faced Brow Envy Kit - I'm a massive fan of Too Faced after discovering them earlier this year. They're lipsticks are absolutely amazing and I couldn't wait to explore more products from the brand. I bought the Brow Envy kit with my Christmas money and it's the only eyebrow product I've used all year! The kit contains professional tweezers, easy-to-use stencils to customize your brow shape, conditioning wax, powder & brow brush tools. The powders are just the right shades for my brows and they stay put all day. I love this brow kit and I don't know how I lived without it!

Seventeen Wet Look Lacquer Eyeliner - I was out on the hunt for a new liner and I just stumbled across this one. The pigment is amazing and I love the 'wet' look effect! The brush is quite small which might be a negative for some people but I love this eyeliner and I will probably buy it again.

Bourjois Volume Glamour Push Up Mascara - This mascara recently featured on my blog and you can read the full review on it here. If you've already read the review, you will know how much love I have for this mascara! I've been reaching for this mascara everday and it's the best mascara I have ever used. It lengthes, curls and volumizes the lashes - what more could a girl want from a mascara?

Bourjois Quad Smoky Eyeshadow Palette - This is another one of my Bourjois beauties that I have recently bought. I picked this palette out of a total of eight shades. I love the brown/golden shades in this palette and I think they're perfect to create the perfect smoky eye. They're so pigmented and they stay put all day long. I will definitely be buying more of the palettes in the future!

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher - There is nothing better than a Bourjois blusher! I love everything about these little pots. I've had this shade for ages now and I still can't get enough of it. I find that this colour just adds the perfect pop of colour and it lasts a good few hours before it starts to wear off. The smell is just gorgeous and I will never get tired of these blushes.

Maybelline Colour Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil - This is another product that I have reviewed which you can read here. I love this pencil and it hasn't left my lips since I bought it. The shade is the perfect nude and it really does apply like velvet. The staying power is amazing too. I can see myself buying this over and over again.

There we have it! Our favourite makeup products that have been gracing our faces everyday! What are your favourite products at the moment?

Lots of love, Rachel x

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sundays, Shopping and Velvet Skirts.

What I'm Wearing: JUMPER, Forever 21 | SHOES, River Island | SKIRT, Ebay | BACKPACK, Primark.

 It's Sunday and today we went on a shopping trip into town. Look at the amazing bargain backpack I got from Primark! I feel like I should be in Clueless wearing it and that isn't a bad thing, is it? It was only £9 too! I love it so much already. I had to get a new bag because my River Island one is falling apart. 
This is has got to be one of my favourite outfits of this Autumn. It's got velvet, burgundy and a jumper all in one! I love this new jumper from Forever 21. How cute is the frilly detail at the bottom?
I decided to wear my old River Island shoes from last year is this post because I'm always wearing my Primark shoes in all other outfit posts. I still really loves these shoes though and they go perfect with this new favourite outfit of mine.

Hope you're all having a nice day!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Life Updates - Family Time

Everyone loves to read a blog and it's even better when you know a little bit about the people behind the blog! Seeing as we're quite new to the blogging world we thought we'd do weekly life update posts about little things that are happening in our lives. Hopefully, thoughout these post you'll be able to get to know us a little bit more! I hope you enjoy reading.

 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week:

  1. Family Time. We love spending time with our family. We all had dinner out and I had to take a photo of my ice cream desert! Being twins we are very close and go everywhere together anyway but it's great spending time with mum and dad.  
  2. Shopping for new clothes. I love shopping but going out on the hunt for snuggly, furry jumpers and winter boots makes clothes shopping even better. We've recently got some great bits from Forever 21, H&M and Primark. I love the colder weather too as long as I'm keeping warm!
  3.  Overcoming Social Anxiety. This is something we've both had to deal with for years. Each day is a battle with our anxiety but we keep pushing through it each day. Until a couple of months ago, we were both completely house bound because we had a 'fear' of everyday life like paying at tills or going outside without our mum or dad. This is a topic I'd like to write a post about because I'd like to help people. We suffer with other mental illnesses but anxiety is something that is always overlooked. It is possible to recover from social anxiety and raising awareness is something I'd want to do. We both struggle but it does get easier. The first step is always the hardest. We now go out each day by ourselves, pay for new clothes and go to town on the bus. We feel more normal. I used to be so scared of doing these things; something you wouldn't really understand if you didn't suffer. It isn't just shyness, it's an overwhelming fear of social situations. Social anxiety led us to be home-schooled. So, this week I realised how far we've both came and it's made me really proud of myself! Onwards and upwards now! :)
  4. Autumn. This week I've really saw Autumn creep upon us and I absolutely love it! It's so  much better than summer. I almost feel like Christmas is here too. I always get excited too early, haha!
  5. Halloween is almost here! I saw pumpkins in the shops this week for the first time this year and it's made me really start thinking about Halloween. We can't wait to start carving pumpkins. 
Hope you've like our first post about our lives this week! What's made you happy this week?
Leah and Rachel. x x x

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Bourjois Volume Glamour Push Up Mascara review

Mascara is a piece of make-up I'm always changing in my makeup bag. I never stick to the same one and I don't think I've ever used a mascara that has completely blown me away. Until I bought the new Bourjois Push mascara, I had been using the Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde and I did really like that one. However, I'm a girl that spends money she hasn't got and when I saw the lastest offering from Bourjois, I knew I needed to have it. I got it along with the new Bourjois Quad Smoky Stories eyeshadow palette for a 2 for £14! I have fallen in love with the eyeshadows and will go as far to say that this quad rivals the likes of high end brands such as Chanel and Too Faced!

First off, I loved the packaging of the Push Up mascara. It's black with pink lettering and I think it looks adorable and girly. The brush is always something I look at when purchasing a mascara because I find the bigger the brush, the better it works! The brush on this is amazing and is described as 'uplifting while coating every lash for irrestible curl'! I had very high expectations. 

I'll get to the point and say this is probably one of the best mascara's I've used. I knew it was going to be a winner when I first applied it and I could literally see my lashes being coated in a glossy almost wet looking black. My eyelashes really did look like they had more volume, length and curl! Even though the brush is big I could still do my lower lashes without making a mess. I think this might be my absolute perfect mascara and the one I will always buy. I can't really fault it. It stays put all day and  I now have lovely long black lashes! I now hate not having makeup on because I miss my lashes, never thought I'd say that! I think the only negative is that is one of the tricker mascara's to take off at night but my Garnier eye make up remover is a God-send. No joke, if you don't have this remover you should definately get it!

What do you think? Will you be buying Bourjois latest offering?
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