Saturday 6 September 2014

My Experience with Piercings.

 I've always been a big fan of piercings and lately I find it is becoming the latest trend. I've had my ears piecered since I was six years old and now nine years later, I finally decided to get more piercings. The best piercing/tattoo shop here in Liverpool is a place called 'A design for life'. The place has amazing service and is worth every penny. They also do absolutely beautiful tattoos too! (why do we have to wait to be eighteen to get a tattoo?!). My best advice to anyone would be to find a shop that has a great reputation as you want the best results possible. Hygine needs to be top priority when getting a piercing because all the needles need to be sterilised and clean. You don't want to get piercing only for it to become infected.

I had my heart set on getting my nose pierced first. As this was my first piercing I was so nervous and anxious. I had no idea how it would feel like and how much it would hurt. Out of 5 I would rate the pain a 3. I was actually suprised at how much it didn't hurt. It did sting but that was to be expected. I suppose this piercing felt a little different from the others as my eyes did water for a few seonds. There was bleeding afterwards but everyone is different. I was so happy with my piercing. It turned out so much better than I thought it would. The nose piercing is so cute as well, just look at that little diamond stud! You can see my nose stud on the picture above.

But then something happened that I didn't even expect. I woke up the day after my piercing was done and my stud had fallen out! I was absolutely heart broken because if you take a piercing out, the hole closes over in an instant! I had to get it re-pierced again a week later. I felt naked without my piercing for that week! To avoid this happening, sleep with plasters on your piercings. There is no chance of you knocking your piercing out then!

Up next is my eyebrow piercing. I was dreading getting this one done. It just 'looks' painful! I was also anxious about how I would look with a pierced eyebrow but the great thing about a piercing is that if you don't like them they heal over. I would rate 2/5 for pain. This hurt the least which suprised me a lot! My eyes didn't even water!
I've wanted my belly button pierced for so long! I love the belly bars that you can buy and I'm so happy with the gorgeous diamond stud that I have in this picture. The only thing that put me off from getting my belly button done was that my older sister got her belly button pierced but it got infected. As her belly button got infected she had to get hers removed but my piercing couldn't have gone better. The pain was unusul. It felt different as it was on my stomach. I would say it was a 3/5 for pain. I thought my button would be bleeding for a few days but it was fine. I actually used to forget I had it pierced as it feels so normal!

Now the ears. Nearly every girl has the 'typical' ear piercing. I got the top of my ear pierced first and It didn't really hurt. Only afterwards it started affecting me only because I sleep on the side it was pierced on and it hurt if pressure was applied to it. It took a few weeks for this to feel normal again. Next up was the second piercing on my ear lobe. This really hurt. Probably the most painful piercing after my nose. I really didn't expect it to hurt but as it's only a piercing the pain only lasted a few seconds and it hasn't hurt since.

My advice
  • I've mentioned this before but sleep with plasters on your piercings! You don't want you piercings falling out in your sleep like mine did. It was such a bad experience. Nothing hurt as much as seeing my piercing on the pillow next me! 
  • Bleeding is normal for the first couple of days after a piercing. 
  • Bruising is also normal. My eyebrow bruised like crazy!
  • Go to a clean, professional piercing studio! You pay for what you get. Make sure the studs and bars are good quality, like Titanium. Titanium does not irritate skin.
  • Clean the piercings with warm salt water. Pure sea salt is best because it is pure and natural. 
Keep in mind piercings only take seonds to do. If there is any pain it only feels like a stinging scratch. I was so worried about the pain after reading things on the internet but I can assure you it doesn't hurt! Don't let anything put you off a piercing as they're worth it in the end! 

  I can't wait to get more piercings on my ears so keep your eyes open for another post probably soon!


  1. I've always wanted to have a nose piercing but my parents probably would never let me have it! Maybe when I get older:)
    Great post and tips!

    1. Oh thank you so much! I didn't actually want any piercings untill around June this year! I absolutely love my nose piercing :) I think it's my favourite!

      x x x

  2. Thats awesome.... thanks for the tips. I'm trying to decide which ones I want.


    1. Thanks :) you should definitely get a piercing, good look choosing!

      X x x

  3. I love your little nose stud! I did want mine done too but I decided against it as I doubt it would suit my features :( plus I'm a massive baby, I have my rook and belly button done and thought they both hurt loaaads haha. No one else I know with them thought they did that much though!

    Louise /

    1. Thank you! I'm not sure about the rook piercing but my belly button didn't really hurt. It feels so weird though, haha! I really think you should get ur nose done! I didn't think it would suit me but im really loving mine now. X x
      p.s, im following your blog. I love your style!

  4. I love your post and really enjoyed reading it (I've never read a post about piercings before)
    I want my nose pierced and my some more on my ears :)

    btw, your lipstick looks stunning :*

    <3 Toni

  5. I got my ears pierced when I was 5 so I only remember running away from someone with the piercing gun.


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