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Hello and welcome to our blog, Beyond the Velvet! Our blog is mainly a fashion/lifestyle blog. 
Beyond the Velvet was created by two twin sisters and our names are Leah and Rachel Collins. We are 18 years old and one of our biggest passions in life is hair, makeup and fashion and that's why we have created Beyond the Velvet. This little blog is our special little place on the internet where we can talk about all things beautiful.

 I like to think that our style is edgy but stylish at the same time. Our style is very 90's inspired and we wear a lot of black. Anything velvet and lace is perfection. I love wearing boots and fishnets tights in the summer. I love anything babydoll and vintage. I like to think I'm a bit of a goth too, lol.

Hope you've liked getting to know more about us!
Lots of love Rachel and Leah

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